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Powerful Hilux Upgrades available to owners!

Want to take your Toyota Hilux to the next level? Unlocking its full potential is easy with some simple upgrades. From enhancing performance on rough terrain to making a bold style statement, these additions can help you get maximum bang for your buck and make every drive memorable. With this guide as a starting point, transforming your vehicle into an unstoppable force will be simple – so let’s explore what powerful changes await!

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock the hidden potential of your Toyota Hilux diesel engine with ECU remapping and exhaust system upgrades.
  • Turbocharger and intercooler upgrades can enhance power, torque & even fuel efficiency!
  • Custom tuning provides a personalized approach to performance optimization for increased power output & improved fuel economy.

Unlocking Your Hilux’s Potential with ECU Remapping

Toyota is renowned for their engines, which are designed as an industry leader in quality standards and guarantee a Hilux driver all the reliability they need. The only issue, is like most Toyotas in factory form they are slightly underpowered. An ECU remap will unleash hidden torque and improved fuel efficiency that takes your car’s performance to the next level, allowing you enjoy greater throttle response as well as noticeable differences in terms of engine output and pulling capacities. With a Willys ECU Remap on your Toyota Hilux diesel engine, experience increased power with superior acceleration and enjoy driving your work Ute!

N70 1KD Hilux Performance Tune

The Process of ECU Remapping

ECU remapping is the process of tuning the engine control unit’s software in order to get optimum performance. This involves upgrading the ECU with customised programming designed for each driver’s needs and driving conditions so that their vehicle runs at peak efficiency.

In other words, this technique ensures your Hilux’s system management has been adjusted correctly according to what you require from it. Giving you an improved overall level of performance tailored specifically to suit your individual style behind-the-wheel.

Why ECU Remapping is Essential

ECU remapping is an effective upgrade to enhance engine performance and increase power, as it tweaks the fuel-air ratio along with other parameters of your motor. This will guarantee a considerable improvement in horsepower output and response time for better running capabilities. Plus, with ECU reflashing you can gain more efficient use of fuel, which makes this process even more rewarding.

For those looking to take full advantage from their Hilux engine, regardless of hardware modifications ECU tuning is essential. .Upgrades are available for all late model Hilux cars. The most common models that owners tune are the N70 3.0L and the N80 2.8L Hilux.

Enhancing Performance with Exhaust System Upgrades

Upgrading your Hilux’s exhaust system is a sure-fire way to get the most out of its engine performance and fuel efficiency. From turbo-back models for offroad cars to DPF-Back systems for street driven cars, these types of upgrades are available for those who want their vehicle’s customisation to stand apart from others on the road.

Types of Exhaust Systems

When looking for upgrades to the exhaust system of your Toyota Hilux, you may want to consider options such as DPF-back or turbo-back. These modifications are designed to improve performance, power, fuel efficiency whilst adhering with emissions standards, giving that unique feeling behind the wheel! Take into account the type of material you want your exhaust to be made from, with stainless steel being the best, but most expensive to mild steel being the cheaper option. Mild steel wont last as long if used in corrosive environments. Willys can help option an exhaust for your needs!

Choosing the Right Exhaust System

When it comes to choosing an exhaust system for your Hilux, you should take into account the required performance level, budget limits and visual appeal. Have a look at different types of exhausts – single-exit systems are more affordable while dual ones produce powerful sound along with enhanced power. If absolute maximum output is what you aim for then cat-back exhaust units will be the best option – even though they cost most money.

It’s necessary to carefully select suitable product in order to not only achieve intended results but also make sure that everything complies with legal standards of noise restrictions.

N80 1GD Hilux Performance Tune

Boosting Power with Turbocharger Upgrades

Upgrading your Hilux with a turbocharger will give you more power, torque and responsiveness. When combined with other performance upgrades such as ECU remapping and exhaust system modifications, this can significantly improve its overall capability. Contact Willys to discuss an extensive range on offer of turbo kits along with genuine replacements to suit any driver’s needs perfectly for their upgrade project.

Benefits of Turbocharger Upgrades

A turbocharger upgrade for your Toyota Hilux can bring plenty of advantages, from added power and torque to improved fuel efficiency. The upgrades will also reduce lag time in the engine’s response, leading to an enhanced driving experience when it comes to acceleration and overall performance. Not only that but you’ll enjoy greater capacity with regards to pulling capability while benefiting from a reduced fuel used under normal driving conditions.

This all adds up towards making your trusty Toyota Hilux better than ever before! With more torque ready at its disposal for instant take-off as well as additional power provided by the new turbocharged setup; your ride has never felt so luxurious or capable on even challenging terrain, giving to your journey unrivalled excitement every step of the way!

Selecting the Perfect Turbo Upgrade

When selecting a turbo upgrade for your engine, it is essential to consider what type of performance you are hoping to gain. There exists several various upgrades including A/R housing, compressor wheel and turbine wheel. Each has its own advantages. To guarantee compatibility with other enhancements that have been added or planned for installation in the future & to ensure they align perfectly together – it is recommended to speak to professionals specialised in this area such as Willys Workshop who can offer tailored suggestions suiting your exact motor and aims.

Toyota Hilux Turbo Upgrade

Keeping Your Engine Cool with Intercooler Upgrades

Intercooler upgrades are a must for any Hilux driver looking to ensure their vehicle’s engine runs optimally when performing demanding tasks such as off-roading or hauling. An improved intercooler can help regulate temperature and in turn, provide increased power, torque output, and better fuel efficiency.

At Willys Workshop we offer drivers the highest quality of performance upgrades from reputable companies like PWR & Process West so you can find exactly what your ride needs.

How Intercooler Upgrades Work

Intercooler upgrades for the engine of your Hilux offer an array of benefits, including increased air density to enhance horsepower and performance as well maintaining optimal temperatures even during demanding driving conditions. This helps minimize heat soak and improve overall vehicle output.

Picking the Best Intercooler Upgrade

When looking for the right intercooler upgrade to enhance your Hilux’s performance, consider aspects such as how often you drive and what modifications you’d like to make. Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) and Top Mount Intercoolers (TMICs) are two common options, FMIC is great for heat transfer while TMIM minimizes boost lag.

Do some research into reliable brands so that you can pick an excellent quality product. Read up on the differences about selecting a fitting intercooler option for your needs or speak to the team at Willys Workshop.

Toyota Hilux Intercooler Upgrade

Custom Tuning for Personalized Performance

Custom tuning is essential for the Hilux when it comes to tailoring its performance according to individual driving requirements. Fine-tuning of engine parameters can be done in order maximize power, torque and fuel efficiency specifically tailored towards different drivers’ needs while providing best results from any available upgrades regarding their vehicles’ performances. Thus enabling increased energy outputs with greater economy on fuels used up by their cars’.

The Custom Tuning Process

Custom tuning is a process where the stock programming of an engine’s computer (ECU) is adjusted to obtain the best performance from it. This entails measuring and altering all necessary elements in order to get optimum outcomes for every situation and driving pattern imaginable. The goal here being, fine-tuning your Hilux’s power output according to individual preferences while attaining optimal results each time you use it.

Why Choose a Custom Tune

A Custom tune for your driving needs offers you a unique solution for improving your performance, tailored specifically to match with how and what you drive. This bespoke approach brings about enhancements in many aspects of the engine’s abilities. Power output becomes more precise while response is enhanced as well. On top of that, fuel efficiency gets improved too, making it great for those driving an Hilux who want maximum performance from their vehicle!

Not just this though: custom tuning also grants increased overall capability – no matter if its speed or acceleration-related upgrades we’re looking at here. It can provide marked increases in these areas since it works around whatever specific type of modifications have been made already on the car itself.


To upgrade your Toyota Hilux vehicle can significantly enhance its power and fuel efficiency while boosting the overall driving experience. By taking advantage of ECU remapping, as well as exhaust system upgrades, turbocharger improvements for added energy output, intercooler installations to keep engine temperatures in check and custom dyno tuning tailored specifically towards getting better performance out of it. You will be able to unlock hidden potential that this new year model has stored away inside!

It’s now time for you to start a journey where every curve leads into peak off-roading proficiency with above average ability when tackling steep grades or heavier loads with great confidence thanks all these upgraded features available on board a 2023 Hilux version.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase the power of my Hilux?

An upgraded intercooler can potentially increase the power and torque of your Hilux while aiding in cutting down engine temperatures. This will ultimately lead to improved fuel economy as well.

Is it worth tuning a Hilux?

Tuning a Hilux with the help of an experienced and reliable company via dyno can make it more efficient in terms of fuel consumption while at the same time boosting its performance.

What is the best Toyota Hilux 2023 upgrade?

The new Toyota HiLux 2023 boasts an impressive upgrade with widened tracks both in the front and back, as well as rear disc brakes for added safety. Its updated suspension system comes along with heated leather seats on top of a panoramic view monitor feature while completing its look is larger 18-inch alloy wheels, highlighting a hi-tech yet sporty feel to it.

What is ECU remapping, and why is it important?

Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping is the practice of tuning a vehicle’s ECU software to release more power and torque as well as improve fuel efficiency. The process not only provides enhanced performance from your car, but also better fuel usage overall for improved economy. By changing engine parameters via adjusting data stored on the ECU, you can unlock extra horsepower and extra torque from your vehicle – leading to

What are the different types of exhaust systems available for my Hilux?

When it comes to exhaust systems for your Hilux, you have two main choices: turbo-back and DPF-back. Both types bring different benefits as well as following their own set of laws and regulations.

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