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Isuzu Performance & Repair Services

We know Isuzu’s like no other. With factory Isuzu software in house, we can perform works others can’t. Difficult problem others cant fix? No worries! We are the go to diesel specialists and can offer performance packages to suit your needs, from towing, economy or all out power!

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Why Willys?

Our personalised ECU tuning and remapping services are designed to meet your Isuzu’s unique requirements, guaranteeing the ideal mix of reliability and power. We fine-tune the ECU with cutting-edge equipment and software, including custom maps created in-house, to produce noticeable increases in horsepower and torque.

We commonly performance tune all flavours of the D-MAX & M-UX. We have even developed tunes for the new 4JJ3 Motor that others do not do yet! We can rebuild motors, swap engines and upgrade every part of your Isuzu. We provide a variety of upgrades and modifications in addition to our custom tuning services to assist you get the best performance out of your Isuzu. Our range of performance exhaust systems, intercoolers, and turbochargers is made especially to increase your engine’s power and torque while also making your car easier to operate. In addition to our component upgrades, we provide a variety of other performance-enhancing customisations to help you get the most out of your vehicle and improve your driving pleasure.

Our goal at Willys Workshop is to assist you in realising your cars maximum potential. Put your trust in us to enhance your driving experience and make your Isuzu genuinely unique.

4JJ3 D-MAX Performance Tune Stats

As an example of the amazing performance gains that can be had, a New D-MAX can see gains of up to +35%kw & +35% NM while saving fuel all from a remap!