Diesel Performance Tune

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We apply our expertise in diesel performance to your vehicle. You can count on us for the best quality and most effective diesel upgrades for maximum power, torque, and efficiency.

We tune all makes and models! From Trucks to Cars (Including Euros)  & All Machinery alike!

Contact us with information of what you want tuned and we can give you an accurate quote!

Prices start at $1495!

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Improve your diesel performance

Unleash power your engine holds without a massive bill via our Performance ECU remap.

Willys are experts in ECU remapping for common rail and turbo diesel engines. With specialized tooling and knowledge we can pull the factory file out of your car, edit it so you see gains in power & Efficiency resulting in a improved driving experience & amazing throttle response. Already have done mods yourself such as an exhaust or intake? Or want us to do it while we tune it? We custom tune each file to suit these mods as required to get the most out of your hard earnt money. Just want a remap? We can increase the performance of your vehicle without modifying any hardware! Once you drive a Willys tune, you will never go back to a factory map!

If you are looking to increase the performance or efficiency of your Car, try a Willys ECU remap. The Willys team will fine-tune your engine to provide the results you’re after, if your not happy after a tune we will return it to stock and there is no charge!  Haul loads without feeling them, tour more comfortably and say goodbye to turbo lag – book your vehicle in for remap today!

Still on the fence? Give us a call to discuss your options or clear up any concerns!

Diesel Experts

We are the experts when it comes to diesel performance. We have extensive experience in ECU remapping and tuning.

More Power, More Torque

With our expansive knowledge of heavy diesel engines, we are able to help you make the right decision on which performance upgrade is right for you and your vehicle’s needs.

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